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Namilla Crowle
Alias Namilli Edelweiss (Real Name)
First Appearance  ???
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Harbinger
Arbiter (Title)
Age 412 (Chronologically)
18 (Physically)
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Medium Auburn
Eye Color Aquamarine
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Family ・ Julianna Edelweiss (Mother/deceased)
・ Irorris Edelweiss (Father)
・ Jera Edelweiss (Aunt/deceased)
・ Mr. Robinson (Uncle/deceased)
・ Isaac Crowle (Step-Father/deceased)
・ Kasy Crowle (Younger Half-Sister/deceased)
・ Christine Robinson (Cousin)
・ Seldia Kelmer (Adopt. Younger Sister)
・ Skye Masson (Connection TBA)
Powers/Abilities ・ Create and manipulate fire
・ Turn a human into a Harbinger
Weapon(s) Nemesis, Adrasteia
Nativus Link Ignis
Affiliation(s) Arbiters
Aelmead Academy
Edelweiss Clan
Status Alive
"Now, now. You shouldn't blame her for your falling for a simple child's prank. You were, after all, the one who was absentminded enough to fall for it in the first place."
— Namilli Crowle to Roy Anderson

Namilli Crowle is a crossover character from Amaryllis and is briefly mentioned in the Vevridian story.

She is the main protagonist of Amaryllis. Her official, detailed profile can be found here.

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